#MyHappyHouseDreams: Bathroom Reveal!


I am so freaking excited about this room!! If you guys follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a few sneak peaks at my ahmazzzzzing bathroom renovation. And today, I am so so so SO excited to shared our finished bathroom makeover with you all! This project ended up being a bit more of an undertaking that I expected - it was my first actual renovation project (like ever!) and I learned that old houses have lots of plumbing and structural issues. Fun stuff, right? After all said and done, I am SO happy with how it turned out. It’s probably my favorite room in the ENTIRE house!

So, before I get into the grand reveal, I wanted to share a photo of the bathroom before we started renovating. As you can see, the space is pretty big - and came with an amazing vintage clawfoot tub! The wood beam, paired with the high ceiling, really makes the entire space. But let’s talk about that TILE! It’s grey. It’s bland. It’s not fun. It’s not ME!

So in comes tons of Pinterest and Instagram stalking for the PERFECT tile for this space. Our house is a 1/1 so I knew I had to make the bathroom something special since, helloooo - it’s the only one in the house! After lots of searching, I found the most swoon-worthy tile from Riad Tile. Riad Tile offers amazing cement tiles at a very affordable price point. The tiles are all uniquely handmade by craftsman and every pattern is sure to liven up any space. While browsing there site, I was immediately drawn to the El Fenn Blue tile because of its rich blue color and amazing pattern work. Here’s a close-up of the design:


I used these tiles for the entire bathroom floor and I am SO excited with how it turned out. Committing to this tiled floor  was the first “permanent” decision I made for our house … and I gotta say, I couldn’t be MORE IN LOVE! I get wowed by it every single time I walk into the bathroom. GAH! It’s so darn pretty.

Once the floor tile was installed, I decided to add subway tile to the walls to really give the bathroom a clean, glossy feel. It compliments the Riad tile so well...I couldn’t be more happy with how it turned out.

image 4.JPEG

And because every bathroom needs a statement piece faucet, I snagged the most amazing brass faucet for the sink! It’s shiny, it’s gaudy, it’s over-the-top, and it’s so ME! The brass faucet, along with my brass mirror and brass towel bar, really modernizes the subway tile wall and cement tile floor. The pops of blue with the orange tub make this space - and it’s the perfect blend of femininity and masculinity. I hope you love it as much as I do!

A huge thank you to Riad Tile for making my bathroom dreams come true!!