Michael and My's Happy House Reveal with Joybird!

Say helllloooo to our happy house!


As you all know, Michael and I bought a house at the very end of last year and have spent months renovating it to make it our very own place. And when I say renovate, we RENOVATEDDDD! The original plan was to just do a few cosmetic updates, but if you know me, you know that when I dedicate myself to a project, I go ALL.THE.WAY. So, we gutted two bathrooms, painted every room, ripped out the ugly carpet and replaced with hardwood, changed the kitchen island, redid the fireplace, and lastly, changed all the light fixtures!

It was a hard few months dealing with contractors, but then came alllll the good stuff: DECORATING! When it was time to start picking out furniture, I of course had to go to my favorite furniture and home decor shop: Joybird.

It feels really good to have the first actual “adult” house together! And I’m so excited to showcase all our fun furniture pieces because it’s finally DONE and we just get to relax and enjoy it every single day! YAY!

I learned a lot about myself while going through renovations and the main takeaway is that I loveeee color and Michael tends to be more neutral. I’m all about patterns, bright pops of color, and texture - whereas Michael skews towards more a minimal vibe. So when it came to decorating the living room (which is a pretty small room overall), we had some conversations about the focal point of the space: the sofa!

When we went to tackle this room, I just KNEWWWW I needed a pink sofa. We decided to get a sectional because of the was the space is laid out - and found the most dreamy (and more importantly, comfortable!) section: Joybird’s Briar Sectional. It has a Mid-century silhouette with plenty of room for some modern day lounging. The chaise section is where you can find me most evenings while watching some Bravo tv!

And speaking of TV, look how cool ours is! We can change the artwork anytime - and it totally looks real!!


What really drew me to the piece is that you can customize the color, fabric, and wood stain to perfectly fit your aesthetic needs. Here’s all the details for our choices! We got the Royale Blush fabric with a Mocha wood stain -- and it’s the sectional of my DREAMS!

I paired the sofa with an old Anthropologie daisy table and a vintage Moroccan rug I scored on Etsy. And I am so thrilled with how it all turned out! The pink sofa really accents the blue tile we selected for the fireplace and the colors all came together so beautifully.


The next room we wanted to tackle was the master bedroom. We spend the most amount of time in the living room and our bedroom, so we knew we had to prioritize the two rooms above the others. One of the very first thoughts I had for this room was that I wanted to have a big comfy king bed paired with some wood accent furniture pieces. I feel so fancy that I have my very own king bed! AND SO ADULT!

Since everything else in the house was going to have a ton of color, I wanted to keep it pretty simple for our bedroom. Our guest bedroom has lemon wallpaper and a big pink comforter, so Michael and I were careful to make sure our bedroom felt cozy and simple - paired with some great mid-century furniture pieces.

After looking at Joybird together, we picked out a bed and dresser that perfectly marries both of Michael and my styles. Because the bed takes up a large portion of the room, I wanted a staple piece that had a tall headboard and a very small baseboard. We got the Dana bed in Notion Thunderbird, which is a great turquoise-based hue. I love the paragon of Mid-century design with some traditional accents through the tufted style.

Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 2.59.03 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 3.22.25 PM.png

And I layered the bed with a fun Moroccan rug I got on Instagram. I love how it all came together. The yellow accents in the rug match our yellow front door, so it helps bring the house together cohesively.

Across from the bed, we put Joybird’s Blythe dresser. Our closet is teeeeny tiny, so we picked a dresser with lots of storage to really take full advantage of its usefulness. The dresser has a mix of warm walnut wood tones and white accents, which pairs beautifully with the bed’s Notion Thunderbird hue. The tapered wooden legs of the dresser also match up so wonderfully with our Briar sectional sofa - and we are SO in love!


The dresser was the last piece for the room so after it came, I went nuts! I mean….check out this wood detailing!!

We FINALLY have two full-on adult rooms that are so dreamy! Once these two key rooms were finished, I moved onto the guest bathroom. We had this room TOTALLY gutted and because this is the bathroom that any guest would use when they come over, I skewed towards more of a toned town bathroom - filled with black and white cement tile, brass accents, and white hues. I found the perfect brass round mirror from Joybird - and it blends so beautifully with the brass faucet and light fixture. I AM IN LOVE!!


And that’s a wrap on our happy house dreams, my friends!! What do you think?!

And a big thank you to Joybird for making my home dreams come true!