#MyHappyHouseDreams Lighting Reveal with Mitzi

If you guys follow me on Instagram, you may have heard that I bought a house (yay!). And I am transforming it into the home of my DREAMS! I am talking lemon wallpaper, pink refrigerator, vintage clawfoot tub, a swan brass faucet, anddddddd the most AMAZING lighting from Mitzi by Hudson Valley Lighting.

When I first bought the house, I obsessively stalked Pinterest for dreamy light fixtures to replace the current ones in my house. When you stop and think about updating a house, you generally immediately think of appliance updates, new furniture and mayyyybe new bedding - but lighting is one of those things that can be a little bit tricky to buy online because you can’t see/nuzzle/touch/hold it in person. With that being said, I am happy to report, I found THE BEST one that has made all my lighting dreams come true!

When I started looking on their website, I was IMMEDIATELY drawn to their Paige line. It’s whimsical, it’s classic, it’s modern with a hint of vintage, and it’s perfection. Not the mention, the brass detailing is totally swooooon worthy.


For the living room, I knew I wanted a statement piece - so I opted for the two tier chandelier in aged brass. I cannot tell you how beautiful it is in real life! The sconces give it a modern feel, while the brass detail around the bulbs give it an almost too-good-to-be true antique touch.


My next room to update was the dining room. The previous space had a fan here (ew!) and I knew I needed a chandelier to give the dining room area a comfortable - yet elegant - look. To compliment the living room chandelier, I got the matching style for the Paige 6-light chandelier in aged brass.


The size of it is perfect for the centerpiece of the room - and the best part is that the lights come with adjustable stems, so you can find the PERFECT height for all of your chandeliers to fit your unique space.


The next room I had to tackle was the bedroom. My bedroom is a loft-style space with vaulted ceilings, so the lights are actually on the side walls instead of the ceiling (you gotta love old houses, right?!). The previous pendants were black - and really didn’t compliment the space. So, after I painted the walls white, I wanted to continue the aged brass vibes into the bedroom to really have a unified lighting collection. I went for two Paige wall sconce - which are simple, elegant and the best addition to my cozy bedroom. I decided against a large chandelier because I want the focus of my bedroom to be (duh) my bed! And to have lighting serve as accent pieces.


And that’s my lighting update!!! Pulling together the lighting scheme for a house is hard. It can be confusing and oftentimes overwhelming. You can like some pieces individually, but maybe can have a hard time visualizing it as an entire work of art. But with Mitzi, I found the process almost too easy because everything just looks so.dang.good! Plus, their collections make it easier to stay within a cohesive lighting “theme” while still mixing it up with different lighting schemes (like scones, chandeliers, pendants and more).

SOOOOOOO, what do ya’ll think? I hope you love every piece just as much as I do. I can’t wait to make so many memories in this house with my Mitzi fixtures. And a HUGE Mitzi for making all my lighting dreams come true for #myhappyhousedreams!!