Pitches Night In

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Where are all my pitches at?!?! I’m SUPER excited to be throwing the ultimate sleepover partayyy with my favorite gal pals this weekend! It’s been awhile since we all got together and I could not think of a more fun way to hang with my girl squad.

Flamingo slippers? Check. Popcorn? Check. Cute PJs? Check. Check. The only thing missing is what movie we should be watching. Wellllll good thing I found the perfect movie for us, Pitch Perfect 3 - with some fun extras like new musical performances, gag reel and extended scenes not seen in theater! 

I’ve been the biggest movie fan girl of the aca-awesome Bella since the beginning! And now that Pitch Perfect 3 is available on Blu-Ray on March 20th, I knew I had to watch it and throw the best Pitches Night In with my besties. 


The Bellas are back one last call in Pitch Perfect 3- so grab your comfy PJs and get ready for a fun night in with some of our favorite ladies, like Amy, Chloe, Beca and Aubrey!!


We all know that the one thing ALL sleepovers need are GOOD SNACKS! I’m going to tell you guys a secret, but shhhh don’t tell! I’m not the best chef, so I decided to make one easy - but delicious - popcorn snack for all of us to enjoy! I got some AWESOME NERDS because duhhh! “I love you awesome nerds” – Beca. And added in some chocolate and sprinkles into the popcorn mix.


Seriously, how yummy does that look?! I used milk chocolate but you guys can obviously mix it up with your favorite chocolate flavor for this easy DIY snack.

IMG_9112 2.JPG

I hope this post gets you pumped to host your own sleepover! I can’t wait for you all to watch the movie, you know it’s going to be aca-awesome! Love all you awesome nerds <3