Guest Room Makeover with Beautiful Bed Company

Do you have a room in the house that you are just ITCHING to makeover? This was my guest room, which was filled with moving boxes and storage, unwanted décor, and old spare furniture that I didn’t want anymore. I called this room the “CLOSE THE DOOR, PEOPLE ARE ON THEIR WAY OVER” guest room because well….I didn’t want anyone to EVER see what it looked like before.

 The problem is that it’s literally the first room to the left when you walk into my front room. So I decided to FINALLY make my dreamy guest room into a reality with Beautiful Bed Company.


We know what decorating can be scary and daunting when you are starting from scratch, so I decided to start with the focal part of the room: the bed! I know I wanted something that was charming, inviting, swoon-worthy, classy… with a touch of vintage. And there came Beautiful Bed Company’s Harriett Spindle Bed.

 Can you have love at first sight with a bed? That was me with this beauty! The piece is pure vintage inspiration and is destined to become a family heirloom. The craftsmanship on the bed is TRULY one-of-a-kind, and the lacquer finish gives it a contemporary twist. More importantly, it looks cozy and inviting – two words I DEFINITELY want my guest room to embody.

I’ve always loved spindles since my childhood Jenny Lind bed, so I am really excited to re-live my whimsical self through this Harriett bed. I mean check out these details!!


Because the bed is such a statement piece, I knew I needed something spectacular for the wallpaper to accent the bed’s aesthetic. I couldn’t just put it against a boring white wall.

Color-wise, I wanted the room to have a bright, citrus-like vibe with large pops of color! Because if you know me, you know I love color, so I opted for lemon wallpaper (insert link). Fruity prints have been a staple this season, and it’s a trend I hope will last for many years.

image 6.JPEG

The yellow, green and blue hues of the walls perfectly accent’s the Harriett’s bed white frame. And the hardwood brown floors really neutralize the entire space.


Lastly, I decided to add a brass two tier chandelier from Mitzi in the room. The sconces give it a modern feel, while the brass detail around the bulbs give it an almost too-good-to-be true antique touch. We even added a fun ceiling medallion to it to give it more off a vintage feel. And you know it goes SO great with my lemon wallpaper. Sometimes I take naps in this room because I just love it so much!


Soooo, there it is! What do you think of the guest bedroom?! If you want to come see the bed IRL, you’re invited to my house anytime!! Not really, but I wish! ;) I hope you love it as much as I do. And a HUGE thanks to Beautiful Bed Company for making all my bedroom dreams come true!