We bought a house: Lighting Reveal!

We bought a house! If you’ve been following along my blog and Instagram, you know that Michael and I have spent the last three months renovating our VERY OWN HOUSE! We had been on the housing marketing for almost two whole years (crazy, right?!) before we were able to finally get our very own #happyhousedreams.

Because the housing market is so crazy, we decided to favor location over home design. The place we picked is in one of our favorite neighborhoods, but needed some heavy cosmetics updates to fit our liking. After closing, we focused on updating all of our light fixtures with my favorite lighting company, Hudson Valley Lighting Group. I have a few Mitzi by Hudson Valley Lighting pieces in my AirBNB and knew that I wanted the same for our personal home. Hudson Valley Lighting Group has four industry-recognized brands: Mitzi, Corbett Lighting, Troy Lighting, and Hudson Valley Lighting. ALL of them are worth checking out.


I worked room-by-room on our light fixtures and wanted to utilize gold accents to tie our light fixtures together throughout the house. If you know me, you know that I love mid-century-modern aesthetics and brass detailing. So for our living room, I looked for something mid-century, a touch of vintage style with some modern updates, and brass finishes. Then came across the MOST AMAZING fixture: the Astoria Chandelier from Hudson Valley Lighting. The light bubbles are my favorite piece of the chandelier – they are totally swoon-worthy!

The Astoria Chandelier comes in two different sizes and I picked the 36” inch one because I really wanted it to be the focal part of the living room.


The next room to tackle was my dining room. It connects to the living room, so I wanted to find a fixture that had brass accents to match the Astoria fixture in the next room. Then came the Charisma chandelier! It is PURE MAGIC! The gold leaf accents are fabulous - and add a touch of elegance to the room. My jaw drops every time I walk by it because it’s just so fancy!

Needless to say, this fixture adds the dose of charm that anyone needs to complete a living space. Tiers of tri-sided crystal rods make quite a statement, each topped with a glimmering finish. The illumination reflects and refracts through the myriad of crystal rods, creating a dramatic play of light while illuminating the space.

The dining room is one of my favorite spaces in the house, as I hope you can see why! To go off the clear crystals on the light fixture, I scored awesome vintage Lucite dining room chairs from a local Atlanta retailer. I can’t believe I get to eat dinner here every single night!

image 4.JPEG

The next room for me to tackle was the guest bedroom. There was an ugly ceiling fan when we bought the house, which I knew had to go. I went for Mitzi’s two tier chandelier in aged brass, which I actually have at my AirBNB.

I’ve loved this fixture since I got it for my rental property and it’s the perfect centerpiece for the guest room. The sconces give it a modern feel, while the brass detail around the bulbs give it an almost too-good-to-be true antique touch. We even added a fun ceiling medallion to it to give it more off a vintage feel. And you know it goes SO great with my lemon wallpaper. Sometimes I take naps in this room because I just love it so much!


My favorite part is the brass accents that feed through the whole house, thanks to all of these fixtures. I even brought some brass accents into our bathroom with Mitzi’s Paige fixture to tie everything together.


We used a mix of mixed metals for the bathroom - a gold faucet, silver handles, a brass mirror, and then the brass Mitzi Paige fixture. I love how it all came together!!

Sooooo, I must know - what do you think of my house?! I know picking out lighting fixtures for a house is hard, especially when you buy online. Thankfully, Hudson Valley Lighting has different looks with its brand, Mitzi fixtures, and Corbett Lighting. Everything is so.dang.good!  

I hope you love it just as much as Michael and I do. And a HUGE thanks to Hudson Valley Lighting for making all my lighting dreams come true!